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Assistant US Attorneys Mark Pletcher (L) and Robert Huie talk outside a federal courthouse about the guilty plea of Leonard Francis, known in military circles as Fat Leonard, on bribery charges on Jan. 15, 2015, in San Diego.

Lenny Ignelzi/AP

A US Navy lieutenant commander has pleaded guilty to accepting cash, hotel expenses, and "the services of a prostitute" in return for handing over classified information. Todd Dake Malaki pleaded guilty in federal court today to bribery charges. He allegedly accepted the bribes in return for providing classified naval ship schedules to a defence contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA), according to a press release from the Department of Justice.

"Another Navy officer has now pleaded guilty and admitted to taking bribes to reveal classified military information to a major supplier," Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell has said.

"It is both troubling and disappointing how many Navy officers we have exposed as willingly falling prey to GDMA's corruption, and our investigation remains active and ongoing. Those who serve in our nation's military must uphold the public's trust or pay the consequences for their ...

A vehicle that can across land and water can be a lot of fun, if you lead an adventurous life of sorts.

And a likeminded devil Rick Dobbertin is out with a stunning new Dobbertin HydroCar to do just that. Built over a massive time span of nine years and 18,800 hours, the wild creation however still comes with its set of glitches. Customized to the hilt, the vehicle features a 572-cubic-inch Chevrolet engine with a 762 horse power and a 60 mph water capability.

Offered as a collectors car, you can pick it up from eBay at $777,000. This time Superyacht catamaran Ocean Empire LSV (life support vessel) comes as a fresh breath. This 44m Solar Hybrid Superyacht features 2 Hydroponic farms and fishing facilities for on sea harvests. The yacht reportedly features solar powered propulsion systems and all the Hotel amenities of a luxury global voyager are supplied by harnessing 3 major sources of sustainable of energy, alongside illuminating 2 Hydroponic farms.

The yacht also works on wind ...

An EdgeWater 245CC Deep-V Center Console

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) has seen his personal finances scrutinized since he launched his presidential campaign in April.

The latest questions came via a New York Times story published Tuesday that detailed how he leased an Audi and an $80,000 boat while deep in debt. The Times described Rubio's purchase as a "luxury speedboat," but his team is pushing back against that characterization.

Rubio's spokesperson Alex Conant subsequently provided Politico with information about the model of boat Rubio bought, which was an EdgeWater 245CC Deep-V Center Console. Politico said this proved "the vessel in question is not the glamorous 'luxury speedboat' the Times article portrayed" and "is, in fact, an offshore fishing boat." However you might define the boat, it is clearly marketed as an impressive craft. On its website, EdgeWater describes its Deep-V Center Consoles as "luxury boats." The manufacturer's website describes the model owned ...

At one point, not so far in the past, Americans thought they had to wait until retirement to enjoy "the good life".

Not anymore. The real estate market is a buyers market now for sure and there is no better time for you to purchase your own waterfront home. Imagine breathing in all that fresh air in the morning as you open the windows of your luxury waterfront home or step out onto your front porch with a cup of coffee in your hand. Swimming, fishing, boating - these are just some of the fun activities that await you at your waterfront home.

For those not quite ready to buy, luxury waterfront homes can be rented as temporary vacation homes. That means that when you do decide to buy, you can also rent out your home to vacationers during peak or off seasons. Whether a renter or an owner, a luxury waterfront home will give you a taste of the "good life". Once you taste this way of life, you won't want ...

The Luxury Swiss Replica watches are more than a 100 years old. Generally speaking Swiss watches are very famous for wealth, success and fortune. The Luxury Swiss Replica is made up of costly ornaments and stones.

Luxury Swiss Replica watches is high quality luxuries watches. A famous quote says that your appearance reveals your nature. As it said, you can feel the different of appearance after wearing the Luxury Swiss Replica watches. Is it so because it reveals the statues of the person and this luxurious taste.

You can just feel how your surrounding will behave after seeing you with Luxury Swiss Replica watches. Your family, friends, class met, office friends, etc. Will show you a special respect when you wear the Luxury Swiss Replica.

The Luxury Swiss Replica watches are more than a 100 years old. Generally speaking Swiss watches are very famous for wealth, success and fortune. The Luxury Swiss Replica is made up of costly ornaments and stones. As it is a symbol of luxury, the price rate of Luxury Swiss Replica watches will be high. These watches are very expensive one, so ...

All river cruises in India start and finish with the River Ganges, or India's "Holy River." The Ganges flows east through the Gangetic Plain of northern India into Bangladesh. The Ganges then rises in the western Himalayas and drains into the Sunderbans delta in the Bay of Bengal.

For Hindus in India, the Ganga is not just a river - but a mother, a goddess, a culture. Many Hindus believe that life simply isn't complete without bathing in the Ganga at least once in one's lifetime. Many Hindu families keep a vial of water from the Ganga in their house. Hindus believe that the water from the Ganga can cure the ill.

Some of the most important Hindu festivals happen on the banks of this vital body of water. Festivals are celebrated on the banks of the river, such as the Kumbh Mela, Allahabad and the Chhath Puja.

The River Ganges is a primary tourist destination. Three towns holy to Hinduism - Haridwar, Allahabad, and Varanasi - attract countless pilgrims to its waters. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims arrive at these three towns to take a dip in the Ganges. The rapids of the Ganges also are popular for river ...

A good place to hunt for a luxury home is in Phoenix, Arizona.

The market value of real estate in general and luxury homes in particularly are considerably lower in Arizona compared to other metropolitan cities in the United States. Why? Many factors contribute to the low market value of real estate in Arizona, but it only means one thing for a home hunter like you: if you are dreaming of owning a luxury home and purchasing it at an incredibly low price, Arizona may be the best place to start looking.Buying TipsDid you know that the prices of luxury homes in California are twice or thrice the cost of such real estate in Arizona?

California may be the beach and showbiz lover's heaven, but Arizona can also boast great things such as numerous employment opportunities and a thriving city. If you are planning on purchasing an Arizona luxury home, it is best to work with a local real estate broker ...

Most of the people in the dynamic world opt for luxury life, luxury stay when they visit different places in India. As the technology is advancing every day the details to be gathered are more and all the details can be checked at one shot with the help of different websites. Booking rooms in advance in Luxury hotels will avail huge discounts for the visitors.

Luxury hotels are available in India at affordable price rate and there is one in Mumbai is The Orchid, InterContinental The Lalit and The Leela Kempinski are considered to the best hotels are affordable price rates for friends and family and also for international clients. All the above mentioned hotels come under 5 star and 4 star groups of hotels and they have impressed millions of customers all these years.

The list of luxury hotels in New Delhi are Ramada Plaza New Delhi, The Grand New Delhi and Svelte Hotel and Personal Suite. These hotels server the customers round the clock and provide the best customer service through out the year. There are many advanced facilities like health center; spa and Wi-Fi connection is available all the time for the customers to check the business contacts. They come under 5 star groups of hotel business.

Bangalore is considered to be ...

How does one define luxury? Luxury cannot be a necessity, if it was it would lose its charm of some thing that is not available commonly or to all for that matter.

Luxury is something way beyond necessity or essentials; it is something that caters to the desirability thirst of the human being. This is precisely what luxury hotels fulfil- thirst and desire. They provide the guest with a relatively higher quality experience. Luxury hotels could be beach hotels, resort hotels or city hotels.

With the availability of surplus spendable income in the pockets of travelling public, the industry saw an explosion in the expectations of guests. The scenario provided a window of opportunity to exploit, as the people were willing to pay a premium for an exclusive and exciting product. This acted as a catalyst to the emergence of the concept of creating services and product beyond the expectations of a guest. Luxury hotels surfaced.

The industry saw chain as well as independent hotels create an exclusive niche product for this specific user segment and termed it as luxury hotels. To ...

What defines a luxury home? This term is thrown around a lot when talking about expensive homes, but there is actually a few things that make a home a true luxury home, and it has a set definition. Yes, price a huge factor into what makes a home upscale, but it also entails location, amenities, and other aspects.

Whether you are looking for the definition or just curious about these homes keep reading for some examples of what may make the home you are looking for or currently have to see what makes homes have specific titles. This article will explain everything that a high end home has, as well as a couple of neighborhoods where these gorgeous homes are found in Phoenix.

Generally, in the United States, homes that are priced above one million dollars are defined as luxury homes but this is not necessarily true in todays market. This can be swayed a little due to the other factors. Location is one of the biggest factors that help make a home fall into this category. A million dollars can be just an average price in many areas of the United States. The view from the house is one of the most important factors, therefore waterfront homes ...

Style, sophistication, subtlety is among the many words which thumps into people's head when someone thinks of luxury.

Likewise, these things also pop up to us when it comes to Luxury homes. It's their poise, spaces, equipments, facets and locations, which define them in the market. Flaunt the money you have the best way. Invest in a luxury home and win accolades for it. What better?

So what exactly forms a luxury home? The definition of luxury is as something pleasurable and comfy beyond life's necessities, in several ways; all of us dwell in certain grade of luxury. In the present day market here, luxury homes costs around $700,000.

Well of course, presently, in the current scenario, the new $700,000 is the $1.5 million. It's just not only the size that counts, but much so its aura for a luxury home. It should have an illustrious guise from its curtail and it must appear relaxing and gratifying from all angles of the ...

Garden lights are outdoor lights that are purchased in order to make the best use of their gardens during both day and night time.

Patios and terraces can be transformed with the switch of a button into warm and inviting party or dinner setting. Practicality Their appeal is not only aesthetic, as they can be quite practical. They can be doubly useful at night as they can be a form of security, keeping your outdoors light even during darkness. It can add beauty to your home and highlight any distinctive architecture that your house may carry.

A more practical use for them is to avoid accidents during night time. Installation Luxury garden lights require the proper fittings if they are to be used without hassles. It is best to use a professional to install the lights properly. Armour all the cabling so that accidents can be prevented. Cabling should be placed along the boundary of the garden, if this is at all possible. A luxury garden can be expensive but the end result will ...

Luxury diaper bags are baby bags that are created from the softest and most supple leather in elegant designs with sophisticated detailing and total functionality to accommodate even the busiest and most high profile Celebrity mothers, like Angelina Jolie mother of 6, managing a hot career, a gorgeous husband, and a dynamic role model as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

I am sure that if you were on camera every time you stepped out the door and were pursued to the ends of the earth, you would appreciate luxury diaper bags for their fabulous looks and functional fashion.

Angelina Jolie Luxuriates in Storksak We chose three favorites to talk about; the first is really probably no surprise to the public. Angelina Jolie's diaper bag of choice, Storksak's Gigi in Chocolate, are outstanding luxury diaper bags that have accompanied this Hollywood Mom on her global travels ever since they were first launched.

Angelina Jolie is simply sophisticated herself so that the sleek lines of this baby bag, the ease and versatility of carrying your own and baby's things plus a thermal-insulated bottle bag that will keep baby's bottle hold or cold for 4 hours. With so many important details to attend to, Angelina Jolie needs the ability ...

You could always just use an organic cotton canvas bag, the kind that you might carry your groceries in, that just stuffs and goes.

When it rips, stains, and the handles fray; no worry. You either throw it out and get a new one, or not. And then again, parents could gives themselves the luxury of sturdy, durable designer baby bags that wash easily, wear well, and last beyond the need for carrying diapers.

Luxury diaper bags are assets that appreciate over time because of the headaches, embarrassments, and lost soother episodes you have avoided. If organic and green are your concern, then look no further, Celebrity moms like Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Lopez know what they are talking about. Posh moms do their market research and buy what is best for them and baby.

Luxury diaper bags made by Mia Bossi, Nest, and Storksak are popular with celeb parents, including Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Matt Damon, because they are great bags, not because designer baby bags ...

There no better way to show your appreciation for that chess player in your life than to get them a beautiful luxury chess set.

These luxury games are just the thing for that player who would like to enjoy his or her favorite game in a whole new light. Chess lovers both young and old will certainly applaud the gesture, because these sets are a sight to behold. What makes these sets so special?

Well, let's take a look at some of the options you have available to you when choosing one of these lovely sets and find out for ourselves. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about choosing a luxury set is just the sheer number of materials that you can choose from. One of the materials that you may want to consider is marble. Marble sets have a very polished and stylish look to them, and gazing at the swirl of the colors in the marble can be mesmerizing.

Another type of material that you may choose is alabaster. Alabaster also looks ...

Rapidly changing political and economic environments have created far greater challenges for companies than at any time in recent decades.

Politically we face significant uncertainty in regulations and taxation. Economically, we are experiencing an extended period of "The New Normal." For many companies, recovery will take longer than we had hoped or planned for. To survive we first cut costs and streamlined processes. Now we must develop an effective strategy to build value in this new environment. If we wait passively for our market to improve, we put ourselves at a competitive disadvantage.

We must be proactive in sales and marketing and we must generate effort and new ideas from our employees. Continual advancements in technology that shorten product life cycles complicate these efforts to deal with the new economy. Since these changes are transformational, we must adapt or face severe consequences. The old adage must be changed to: "If we keep doing what we have always done, we will NOT get what we have always gotten."

To keep up ...

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush at the Sunshine Summit conference being held at the Rosen Shingle Creek on November 13 in Orlando, Florida.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

NEW YORK - There were stays at boutique hotels featuring rooftop pools, private soirees at members-only, jacket-and-tie clubs, and fund-raisers at the Four Seasons, the St. Regis, and the Mandarin Oriental. In the world of Jeb Bush, the campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination has at times been a whirl of private planes and high-end affairs, according to the federal filings of Bush's campaign and his super PAC, Right to Rise, which can raise unlimited funds for Bush as long as it does not coordinate directly with him. It is not unusual for US presidential candidates to fly private or even to sometimes stay in luxury hotels. But some disgruntled donors say they are unhappy with Bush's large outlays, which also include big spending on staff and tens of millions of dollars in ad buys. Eleven of 16 major donors contacted by Reuters questioned ...

Donald Trump.

REUTERS/Nick Oxford

Donald Trump may be the front-running candidate to beat in Iowa, but a new poll suggests that his victory strategy relies on a key factor: whether Iowans who don't usually vote show up next Monday. According to a Monmouth University survey on Wednesday, a victory for Trump in the Iowa caucus hinges on whether his nontraditional campaign style motivates irregular voters to caucus for him. "Turnout is basically what separates Trump and Cruz right now," Patrick Murray, the Monmouth University Polling Institute's director, said . "Trump's victory hinges on having a high number of self-motivated, lone-wolf caucus-goers show up Monday night." Trump's support in the latest Monmouth poll stood at 30%, putting him seven points ahead of US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) among likely Republican voters. This was based on a turnout projection of 170,000 voters from past voting history and voters' stated ...

Donald Trump.

REUTERS/Nick Oxford

Donald Trump may be the front-running candidate to beat in Iowa, but a new poll suggests that his victory strategy relies on a key factor: whether Iowans who don't usually vote show up next Monday. According to a Monmouth University survey on Wednesday, a victory for Trump in the Iowa caucus hinges on whether his nontraditional campaign style motivates irregular voters to caucus for him. "Turnout is basically what separates Trump and Cruz right now," Patrick Murray, the Monmouth University Polling Institute's director, said . "Trump's victory hinges on having a high number of self-motivated, lone-wolf caucus-goers show up Monday night." Trump's support in the latest Monmouth poll stood at 30%, putting him seven points ahead of US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) among likely Republican voters. This was based on a turnout projection of 170,000 voters from past voting history and voters' stated ...

Donald Trump.

REUTERS/Nick Oxford

Donald Trump may be the front-running candidate to beat in Iowa, but a new poll suggests that his victory strategy relies on a key factor: whether Iowans who don't usually vote show up next Monday. According to a Monmouth University survey on Wednesday, a victory for Trump in the Iowa caucus hinges on whether his nontraditional campaign style motivates irregular voters to caucus for him. "Turnout is basically what separates Trump and Cruz right now," Patrick Murray, the Monmouth University Polling Institute's director, said . "Trump's victory hinges on having a high number of self-motivated, lone-wolf caucus-goers show up Monday night." Trump's support in the latest Monmouth poll stood at 30%, putting him seven points ahead of US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) among likely Republican voters. This was based on a turnout projection of 170,000 voters from past voting history and voters' stated ...

If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the city of Naples in the Campania region of southwestern Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Its Historic Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While Naples is not undiscovered it is less tourist infested than many other Italian cites. Read our other articles on western and eastern Campania. Greek colonists founded Neopolis between the Seventh and Sixth Centuries B. C. Over the centuries this city was dominated by nearly a dozen nationalities. Naples was at one time the third largest city in Europe and a major cultural center. Unlike northern Italy cities Naples has few immigrants.

Unemployment remains high. The Sicilian-based Mafia is not very present, but the local Camorra is. Watch yourself and your belongings in this fascinating city. Naples is home to many miles of subterranean Greco-Roman reservoirs and tunnels, some of which are available for visiting. Much of Naples is constructed from stone that was removed during tunnel excavation. During World War II underground Naples served as air raid shelters whose walls ...

Like Coco Chanel, I love luxury. My heart does palpitations when I walk by the boutiques in Paris.

A three-star Michelin restaurant evokes moans and groans. And, a fabulous handbag and a hotel staff that is constantly saying "My pleasure" at my every request makes me smile. I even developed a luxury mastermind program where I have the honor of mentoring an amazing group of women while we travel to some of the most luxurious places in the world, such as Aspen and Monaco. I think it's important that women learn how to infuse their businesses, lives and souls with luxury.

(By the way, that pic is of us at our slumber party with a private chef at the Ritz.) Call me vain, materialistic or whatever word you have for people like me. I don't care. In fact, I understand. I use to feel the same about people living "the good life," and you know what? It wasn't because I thought they were bad people ...

This will presumably be one of the difficult jobs you’ve associated with getting your brand to market. More particularly, promotional packaging can produce trial purchases and boost purchase frequency. This can promulgate product changes more efficiently than other marketing communications techniques. The process of promotional packaging is to build a compelling cause for the customer to buy now. If yours is a low cost accessory, the cognition of value can be comfortably raised using excellent, high quality packaging boxes, interesting carton designs or fabric pouches. By giving more to reward the purchaser for their purchase, it can make purchasing or shopping a more plausible activity. Tying nice feelings to your accessories is keys to creating a great brand.

Great, well engineered, promotional packaging can be beneficial, too. When Aropack discovered their purchasers found it difficult to extract their batteries and hearing from the promotional packaging and place them in assistance. Designing excellent packaging brought Aropack increased revenues and improved brand loyalty. Aropack gift boxes, paper bags, and other packaging products are custom-made to ensure high quality product. Slow selling accessories can be combined with well known accessories to build a gift set or an experience. Even the simple gift boxes can be nicely packaged to make it more genuine and more gift-able.

Perhaps not generally considered 'packaging', carrier bags of course boost your shop around town. Many store owners push flimsy carrier bags inside more solid carrier bags with simply handles. Lots of packaging suppliers simply do not handle small quantities products so it's essential to find a packaging supplier that works with small quantity product orders ...

Depending on what area you choose to to live in, you will be provided with different conveniences and amenities.For example, selecting a Fenway Apartments will give you easy access to some of citys prettiest lush green parks, and will place you within walking distance of the notorious Fenway Park; whereas residents of the North End will enjoy a short walk to the water and some of the countrys best Italian food.Following this short step-by-step guide to help you in locating and purchasing your very own Boston Luxury Apartments.Step 1: Create a checklist of things that you are looking for in an apartment.There can be many factors affecting your real estate choices.These variables could include things such as proximity to work and/or school, the apartments pet policy, the number bedrooms you require, if parking is available, and a host of other elements that need to be addressed before finalizing your decision on an apartment.Step 2: Get pre-approved for a Boston luxury apartment.Once you have determined what neighborhood you would like to stay in, the next thing you need to know is how much you can afford to pay for an apartment.One way to determine this amount is by getting pre-approved, or pre-qualified, for a mortgage loan.Pre-approved home buyers often get an edge over the pre-qualified ones, but either status will be useful in determining the budget you can afford to allot to your new apartment.Step 3: Start your Boston apartment search.To save time, you may want to consider asking your agent to narrow down your search using your guidelines and budget as parameters.Realtors have access to the citys vast real estate market and property listings, and can be a major asset in helping you locate your new apartment.Or, if you prefer a more active role, you can always take some of your own time to search for Boston luxury apartments online and/or in local newspaper ads and directories.Step 4: Make an offer.Once you think you have found a suitable apartment that you would like to make an offer on, let your agent draft a written agreement outlining the details and obligations both parties must fulfill to finalize the agreement.Step 5: Close the deal.Before closing you will need to should have the apartment inspected, and you will need to settle financing (if applicable).Sign all necessary documents, get your apartment keysArticle Search, and enjoy your brand new apartment!

I used to love watching Sesame Street as a kid.

It was an American TV show with Muppet style puppets. Every episode had some major learning point for us kids but we loved the programme for its colour, fun and songs. One of my favourite songs was the ABC song which ended. "Now I know my ABC, next time will you sing with me"

Now this song always reminds me of the ABCD of presentations. A really clever neumonic to help you with the first few minutes of any presentation to get it off to the right start and give you lots of confidence to continue. A - Attention B - Benefits C - Credibility D - Direction Attention "Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking...."

"Hello, my name is x..." "Uhm, OK, let's get started then shall we?" What do these three have in common? Yes of course they are bland, listless and terribly unexciting presentation starters. Your first priority is to ...

The luxury market and the affluent market are surprisingly different.

Many would believe the two to equate to each other, but not necessarily. It is all connected with the definition of each, one being definable and the other defying all definition. No matter how many people have tried to define luxury, it cannot be described in financial or marketing terms. The reason is that, while luxury is subjective and in the eye of the beholder, affluence is objective because it can be defined. To explain that further, you could, for argument sake, state that every household earning over $250,000 a year is affluent, or that affluence covers the top 10% of American households in terms of disposable income.

Whichever definition you choose, that defines the affluent market and everyone knows if they are affluent or not. Not so for the luxury market. Let's try the same financial definition for luxury. Every item costing over $100,000 is a ...

Undoubtedly, luxury and comfort is always the paramount consideration of many people in choosing a car. It has always been ideal that a car is capable of moving people without any hassle. However, for socially elite car seekers are more concerned of drawing social honour and social prominence. Driving a luxury car would define one's status among their social group. For middle class earners, driving their very own luxury car is a fruit of a painstaking effort at work.

What does SUV Stand for

The progress and innovation of several luxury brands and products is almost a duty-free venture to every car manufacturing companies. The development of the luxury car is almost as natural as rolling wheel. Following the basic rule in economics, the demand of people for luxury car is positively addressed by many manufacturers. Nowadays, luxury cars are no longer confined in petite 2-door sedan or convertible cars. In Australia, the term luxury car would now pertain to luxury SUV, otherwise known as Sports Utility Vehicle.

The Complete Vehicle Range

Sports Utility Vehicles are classified as luxury cars by their cutting-edge features, equally present to other known luxury cars. The elegant, stylish, and extravagant body, exclusively designed interiors, lucrative leather sitting, powerful air-conditioning, latest audio-visual instruments, and polished wooden dashboards make them the center of limelight, sharing prestige with other luxury cars. Moreover, inclusive of price, they ...

Melia Robinson

In a former Chevys Fresh Mex restaurant in San Francisco, the kitchen staff at Sprig headquarters burns the midnight oil braising pork shoulder. In the morning, another batch of cooks packages the pork, black rice, and sesame-ginger greens in compostable containers in an assembly-line fashion, before chilling them for dinner service. At night, a fleet of drivers delivers the dinners to offices and residential towers across San Francisco. This is how more and more meals come together in the on-demand era. Melia Robinson

Founded in 2013, Sprig is a food delivery startup that aims to make eating well an easy option. Each dish is developed and prepared in one of the company's kitchens (there is one each in San Francisco and Chicago) and costs between $11 and $15, plus a $2.75 delivery fee. The company caters to a health-conscious consumer who can afford a pricey vegetable wrap for ...

The compact SUV has become more popular than ever in recent years in Australia as drivers seek sport utility vehicles that can haul, tow, and travel off road, yet get better mileage from each litre of petrol than their larger brethren. In recent years, there has also been an increased desire among Australians to purchase luxury vehicles capable of getting them from one place to another in quiet, comfort, and style. As a result, both the compact SUV market and luxury vehicle markets are booming. However, a number of drivers mistakenly think that they have to choose between the two kinds of vehicles; they are not aware that it is possible to have both in the same vehicle. It is possible for a compact SUV to also provide as much luxury as a person could desire.

Perhaps the first step to turning a compact SUV into a luxury SUV without losing its SUV sensibilities is to make sure you are starting from a solid foundation. This means starting from an SUV with a unibody design, as this will be more resistant to flex and will provide you with a smoother and more stable ride. You will also want to make sure your SUV is derived from either a small family car platform or from a compact car. The vehicle or frame from which your compact SUV is derived will have a significant impact on the comfort of the ride; compact SUVs that are truck based tend to have harsher and less forgiving rides, which are not very compatible with the idea of luxury.

Once you have some of the basics taken care of, the next steps are to think about the features you would like to ...

Gurgaon have several most luxurious and other hotels, including The Leela Kempinski, Trident Hilton, Park Plaza Hotel, Galaxy Hotel, Fortune Select Global, Bristol Hotel, Lemon Tree Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, etc.

Gurgaon is located in the National Capital Region, which makes it the best choice for some multinational companies.

Consequently, these five star and other hotels in Gurgaon are catering to the tastes of its clientele, mostly from the business corporate circles. Among the five star and other hotels in Gurgaon, Global Arcadia is situated on Mehrauli Gurgaon Road Crown Plaza is at Site 2, Sector 29 Leela Kempinski is at Ambience Island, DLF Phase III Park Plaza at B Block, Sushant Lok I Bristol Hotel at Adjacent to DLF Qutub Enclave, DLF Phase-I Trident Hilton at 443, Udyog Vihar Phase-V Galaxy Hotel at NH-8, Exit-8, Sector 15 Part II and Lemon Tree Hotel at 287, Millennium City Centre, Sector 29 .The five star and other hotels in Gurgaon are situated in the prime locations of the city.

This cluster of five star and other hotels in Gurgaon lends much to ...

Luxury Sotogrande - to many this is synonymous to unlimited un. Why? Well, you've just got to take one walk around the streets and visit any luxury villa Sotogrande to know what we are talking about. The villas are simply majestic, almost like lavish homes. Even Lady Gaga has a home in this resort town. Need more be said about what degree of luxury we are referring to here? Royal families, political biggies, corporate honchos, Hollywood A listers - all of them have their piece of personal heaven in this luxury resort. Sotogrande is privately owned and hence it can allow all the space that guests and owners may desire for.

Bedrooms In a luxury villa Sotogrande you can get as many bedrooms as you require. You can choose a 3- or 4- or 5-bedroom villas depending on the number of people you are planning to host. Each of the bedrooms is fully furnished in case you are renting them. Ownership villas are not furnished as the buyers usually like to do their interiors. Most of the bedrooms are en suite. They are quite spacious and overlook the adjoining terraced area or gardens. Staying in one of the bedrooms in a luxury Sotogrande villa is having the best time of your life, and who doesn't know, all good things come at a price. So, if you are willing to pay that price then Sotogrande has some of the best establishments waiting to be taken.

Amenities Staying in a five star rated hotel will not give you the same feeling as ...

Mallory Schlossberg/Business Insider

Gap Inc. has been struggling. But CEO Art Peck is aware of a possible solution to fix the problems, and that's to use Amazon. "To not be considering Amazon and others would be - in my view - delusional," Peck said at Gap's shareholders meeting on Tuesday, according to Bloomberg , after he was asked if the company would ever use Amazon to reach shoppers. "We are always considering all of the opportunities beyond our traditional mix of channels and stores. Amazon is certainly one, and there are others as well."

It's no secret that Amazon is a huge threat to traditional mall-based retailers and department stores, and that threat is only getting more ominous.

According to a recent Morgan Stanley report , Amazon is the second-largest apparel retailer, with only Walmart ahead of it. It's posed to hold the biggest share of the apparel market by 2020, the report ...

Ford CEO Mark Fields.

Mike Nudelman / Business Insider

The Ford Motor Co. that Mark Fields took over in 2014 had survived the Great Recession and was well on its way to resurgence. Last year, the No. 2 US automaker posted record operating results. Now Fields, a 26-year Ford veteran, is trying something more dramatic: remaking Ford into what he calls "an auto and mobility company." That means a future in which Ford is behind everything from F-150s and Mustangs to bicycling and ride sharing.

Fields dropped by Business Insider's offices ahead of the New York International Auto Show and talked about trade, Donald Trump, and new competitors from Silicon Valley, where Ford has itself set up an R&D outpost. (This interview has been edited for clarity and length.)

Henry Blodget: The US car industry has had an amazing recovery from the collapse, and Ford was the only US car company that came ...

Ford CEO Mark Fields.

Mike Nudelman / Business Insider

The Ford Motor Co. that Mark Fields took over in 2014 had survived the Great Recession and was well on its way to resurgence. Last year, the No. 2 US automaker posted record operating results. Now Fields, a 26-year Ford veteran, is trying something more dramatic: remaking Ford into what he calls "an auto and mobility company." That means a future in which Ford is behind everything from F-150s and Mustangs to bicycling and ride sharing.

Fields dropped by Business Insider's offices ahead of the New York International Auto Show and talked about trade, Donald Trump, and new competitors from Silicon Valley, where Ford has itself set up an R&D outpost. (This interview has been edited for clarity and length.)

Henry Blodget: The US car industry has had an amazing recovery from the collapse, and Ford was the only US car company that came ...

Stella McCartney grew up the babe of above Beatle Paul McCartney and his rebel-souled American wife Linda, and it is little abruptness that she has this acrimonious abstraction about alteration the world, the appearance one.

Never apperception the actuality that she has risen to become one of the heavy-hitter designers of her generationthat her bespoke apparel accept become high-style staples as her adjustable black gowns commonly adroitness the red carpet. Or that the acceptance of both these brand looks, forth with her cool-girl accessories (which accept been accepted to could could cause hyperventilation in assertive circles), prompted the Gucci Group in 2001 to advance a 50% pale in her company. Separate from any of her successes, really, McCartney has set out to catechism the way the apple thinks of luxury, just as Elvis and the Beatles befuddled up our acumen of music.

Since ablution her characterization in 1995, McCartney has fabricated a mission of designing collections that are environmentally awake. Her clothes and accessories, including shoes and handbags, don't accommodate a stitch of leather. And she abstains, vehemently, from application fur. "I attending at ...

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler is working to get faster internet into your home, and six senators are so angry about his methods that they wrote him a public letter asking him to stop.

The Senators argue that the FCC's new 25 megabytes-per-second (Mbps) broadband minimum places an unreasonable burden on cable companies. Previously, internet service providers (ISPs) only had to reach 4 Mbps - barely enough to watch many videos on YouTube - to call their packages broadband.

That meant many consumers bought services advertised as "broadband" that can't meet the basic performance standards of the modern internet. Wheeler's redefinition changes that. Here's how this spat developed, and what it means for your service. You may remember Wheeler as the FCC chairman who declared "I'm not a dingo." during 2014's net neutrality debate:

I'm not sure if I told you yet, but a HUGE thing for me is how to stage a house on a budget.

Staging can be an investment, but I get a sense from my clients that they or their friends and family watch HGTV--which I love, by the way!--and have a reality tv image of staging and stagers and not a realistic one. I have actually saved my staging clients money, time and energy because they were under the false assumption that when staging a house, they needed to do work or make changes that just weren't necessary.

Not to mention how much cash they saved by getting their house on and off the market superfast!As a Stager, I do my best to understand who your target buyer is, what your strengths and weaknesses are in the market, to work with what you have all while being as minimally invasive to your house as possible.

Here are some true tricks of the staging trade that can really help you ...

Luxury does not always mean that it is expensive. You can see many items which at a glance look luxurious but they are not very costly.

Thus if you can make a proper small luxury bathroom design, your small bathroom can be given a beautiful and luxurious look. While making a proper small luxury bathroom design, the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that the color of the tiles used should be very light as it gives a bigger feeling about the bathroom. The reflection of light is more in light color tiles and hence people get a bigger perspective about the size of the bathroom.

Due to this reason the pale and the soft shades are most popular in a small luxury bathroom design. While making small luxury bathroom design, your prime goal should be to increase the functionality of the bathroom and at a same time make its look attractive. To utilize the maximum space in your small bathroom it is better to use compact furniture with sleek structures to ...

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty

Editor's note: This post was originally published in July 2015. It has been republished because of its relevance to Apple's recent $1 billion investment in Didi Chuxing

, Uber's biggest car-hailing competition in the crucial China market.

This is a post from Neil Cybart , an independent analyst covering Apple at Above Avalon. You can read additional analysis here . Sign up to receive his exclusive daily email containing Apple analysis and perspective here .

We are quickly approaching a pivotal moment in Apple's history as technology and mobile are on a collision course with the automobile. While most would conclude Elon Musk's Tesla and a few of the strongest automakers are the leading contenders of this new automobile era, Apple and Uber are the two companies best positioned to rule the new era of the automobile.

The Auto Industry Is Ripe for Change

Timing is everything. A few ...

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead in Texas on Saturday, according to multiple reports. The office of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement on Scalia's death late Saturday afternoon. "Justice Antonin Scalia was a man of God, a patriot, and an unwavering defender of the written Constitution and the Rule of Law. He was the solid rock who turned away so many attempts to depart from and distort the Constitution," Abbott said in the statement. The US Marshall's Service confirmed Scalia's death later Saturday. Reports from local ABC affiliate KVIA and San Antonio News-Express suggested Scalia, 79, died after spending time at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a luxury resort outside Marfa, Texas. KVIA reported that Scalia "did not report feeling ill ... and retired to his room after dinner" Friday night. Scalia was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986 ...

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a copy of his book during a town-hall event, August 19, 2015, at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, New Hampshire.


Real-estate magnate Donald Trump's surge in the polls has extended to the home state of two of the Republican Party's top presidential hopefuls. Trump has overtaken former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) and US Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) in Republican primary polling in Florida, according to a Quinnipiac University survey released Thursday. The poll showed Trump with 21% of the Republican vote in the Sunshine State, compared with 17% for Bush and 11% for Rubio. That represents a sizable shift from Quinnipiac's last survey of the state in June, when Bush grabbed 20% of the vote and Rubio had 18%. Trump, who had just entered the presidential race, got just 3% of the vote. "It was just reported that in Florida I'm leading Bush by a lot, and I'm leading Rubio by a tremendous amount," Trump said in a Fox Business interview Thursday.

"Now ...

Buying the perfect gift can be difficult. But with a few handy hints and tips your like could be made so mucxh easier this year!

The first tip is to ensure that you gift has sentimental value. For years to come you will remember who gave you that beautiful piece which has sat on your mantelpiece for as long as you can remember. Before you realise, it has become part of your home, as gifts and pieces collected do over the years.

So when seeking a gift for a loved one, why not look for one which forms a sentimental piece of their surroundings. It may be that they will think of you, or remember a good time or achievement each time they look at their mantelpiece. Either way, being sentimental is a fantastic quality when giving and receiving gifts. If a gift has no relevance to the occasion or any of the receivers' interests, it is likely to be forgotten.

Make sure that your gift is original. It is imperative that the gift stands ...

Did you know that you can pamper yourself and be environmentally conscious?

I can hear the chorus of "Huh?" from here. For some reason, most people think that being environmentally conscious requires sacrifice, discomfort, belt-tightening, effort, and time. Not true! All right, some environmentally-sound actions do involve a little work, or at least some thought, on your part. For instance, recycling requires you to be conscious of what you're throwing away and whether or not you can re-use it or recycle it instead. But there are a host of small luxuries that may surprise you because they're also environmentally conscious choices. Here's my top-five list.

Use cloth napkins instead of disposable paper napkins I love the feel of a cotton napkin on my hands and lips. It's much more comforting and luxurious than the scratch of even the most heavily-processed and refined paper napkin. You can use a cloth napkin for several days or even a week before ...


Fahd Al-Rasheed jokes that he always used to lose at SimCity, the computer game where you design and manage your own town. He lost, he says, because he would run out of money. He no longer has the luxury of losing that way. Now Al-Rasheed's real life is a game of SimCity, and if he runs out of money in his town, he will have angry shareholders to answer to. Al-Rasheed is the CEO of a publicly traded "smart city" in Saudi Arabia. It's called King Abdullah Economic City, and if all goes as planned it will become a major logistics hub on one of the world's busiest waterways.

Its creation is aligned with the much vaunted, derided, debated, plan to take Saudi Arabia's economy beyond oil called Saudi Vision 2030.

HSBC called the program "nothing less than a complete overhaul of the Kingdom's economic ...

In today's market place, a large number of brands use strong brand origin cues in their promotions campaigns.

This is highly prevalent when it comes to luxury brands including behemoths like LVMH and Gucci to specialist luxury players like Patek Phillipe and Bremont, which highlight their brand origin in each and every promotion. For example, specialist luxury watch maker Baume & Mercier highlights its brand origin inside their logo itself. Researchers suggest that in markets for example luxury fashions and accessories, a specific country of origin or foreign image generally may carry a prestige connotation. It's also been observed that luxury brands spend a disproportionate level of their overall financial budget on brand image building.

When looking at the country-of-origin literature, it's possible to note that the majority of the country-of- origin literature has emphasized origin effects at the product level rather than brand level. Professor Keller opines that brand related cues behave as an important competitive advantage aspect for luxury brands. Moreover, researchers have progressively required ...

Defining the luxury market is not easy, while the concept of the affluent society is one that can be defined in terms of earnings as a proportion of the average in the USA or any other country.

Luxury may be definable in terms of its availability to the population as a whole, where the division between social classes could be in their consumption of luxury goods. What I cannot afford and you can is luxury!

That is a very subjective definition, and not one on which business can draw up strategic business plans. What are the benefits of being able to define these terms, and how does it affect the American manufacturing and service industries? In order to make luxury available to the middle classes and other luxury consumers that want it, referred to as the 'aspiring class,' some luxury products were created just for that purpose. This achieves nothing but to confuse the definition of the term 'luxury market' and is one reason why it is indefinable.

Definition of Luxury Market? Professor Bernard Dubois defined luxury as a 'specific tier' in terms of price of any ...

Working for a small business is very different than working for a large corporate entity.

I have worked for both and they both have advantages and disadvantages and what you see as each of these, is really a personal aspect. What I like about an environment, you may dislike and vice versa. That is okay, that is what makes the world such a great place.

It would be boring if we all liked the same things. Here are some things to consider if you have a big company background and are now looking to work for a small entrepreneur. It won't be the same, and as an entrepreneur, we want you to understand ahead of time what our work environment is like to ensure that you are aware of the environment you will be entering.

True, not every small business operates in the same way, but there are some similarities that demand recognition for those wanting to leave the "corporate environment" for a small ...

Byron Bay luxury accommodation have many forms, whether you are looking for a villa setting, a spa and resort or simply top class apartments Byron Bay has all of them.

Villa setting is assuring you complete privacy and freedom. Villas are appointing everything luxuriously. Anything you wish for can be catered. Baron Bay luxury allows you the beauty of being able to escape the real world. The Baron Bay luxury is completely enclosed.

They are providing you total privacy. The villas are designed blending modern and traditional elements offering you a truly relaxed atmosphere. A villa accommodation has heated flooring, and the attention to detail is matched by the highly skilled craftsmanship, which adds to the good feeling and it makes the perfect setting for special anniversaries. Byron Bay luxury accommodation villas have their own heated pools.

They are furnished with king size beds, wifi facilities, TV/DVD air conditioning and outstanding furniture. Byron Bay luxury has soothing water features in gardens which makes truly relaxing experience. Byron Bay's famous beaches are a short distance away and spas conveniently ...

Boracay is the right destination for tourists to relax and have fun. If what you want is an entire relaxing place, you can choose from lots of spas in Boracay.

No matter how much money you have, it is not difficult to find a spa which is suitable for your budget and then your mind as well as body will be soothed. Below are some greatest sites for relaxation in Boracay.

Nami Resorts Release all anxieties and welcome the reviving treatments Nami Resorts have to offer. Exfoliate with Nami's Aromatic Salt Glow Package or the Ultimate Relaxation Package. Remove those toxins with the Lymphatic Drainage massage and relieve chronic stress in you with a Deep Tissue Massage. Packages cost from Php 2,300 to Php 2,600 while massages cost from Php 900 to Php 2,300. Nami's spa therapists have been trained by an expert with over 20 years' experience.

Kai Regency Spa Boracay Regency Beach Resort is located in Station 2 along White Beach. Kai Regency Spa is Asian-inspired, offering a holistic approach to well being ...

Not all Americans can afford the finer things in life, but those who have the money for luxury vehicles are buying BMWs. This well-known automaker recently announced its sales figures for 2011. It claimed the top spot for the number of vehicles sold over popular competitors like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. All luxury vehicles come with certain distinctive and desirable features that set them apart from regular cars and trucks on the market. They contain all kinds of extras that improve the driving experience in a number of ways. Some features provide extra comfort, some provide more precision, and some provide technology to assist drivers with navigation. Each car manufacturer has its own distinct features to offer, but many of them are very similar from one company to another. It may be difficult to say what exactly has caused one company to outsell its competitors.

Many people might accredit the success of BMW to the unique design of its vehicles. The sharp, stylish look of its vehicles makes them easy to identify, even for people who are not car enthusiasts. Many other luxury cars have a somewhat old fashioned and outdated exterior. They look far too similar to cars that were made several years ago, despite the technological advances within. While the older style of some luxury brands helps to attract older consumers, younger car buyers tend to find them boring. BMW vehicles on the other hand, have a style and shape that attracts the young crowd.

Another reason for the success of BMW may be the emphasis on safety. Many of the included features help drivers avoid accidents, and other features protect the car's occupants if there is a crash. Several different car models from this automaker have won safety awards from the ...

Quintessence Yachts/ Aston Martin

Aston Martin's motto for years has been "Power, Beauty and Soul." And the company has been able to successfully deliver that in its road and racing cars. Now the AM37 power boat will bring that same attitude to the open water. So far, details on the Aston watercraft are few. There's only a handful of digital renderings to give potential buyers some idea of what the boat, set to officially debut later this year, will actually look like. According to Aston, "potential owners of the new Aston Martin powerboat are being given more details of the new project on a strictly confidential one-to-one basis." How very James Bond of them! Designed by Quintessence Yachts in-conjunction with Aston Martin, the 37-foot-long AM37 aims to provide a luxury sports car experience - on water.

Quintessence Yachts/ Aston Martin

"We are sure that the Aston Martin ethos of 'Power, Beauty and Soul ...

Whether it's from a sleep disorder, stress over that big work project, those pesky pollen allergies, or the joy of becoming a new mom (with a baby who never stops screaming!), the dangers that arise from not getting enough sleep are serious.

Sleep deprivation can create major problems for your health - both mentally and physically. If you think sleep is the one area where you can cut back and free up more time to get things done during the day, think again. Sleep is the time when your body recovers from the day you've just gone through and prepares for the day ahead.

However, it may take some time before you even realize you have a sleep deprivation problem! Sure, you may feel fatigued or drowsy, but you rationalize it by telling yourself that you're just busy and that it's no big deal. Have another cup of coffee and move on, right?

Unfortunately, that can't last forever. At some point, your physical and mental health are going to suffer. If you don't get enough sleep - and not just a quick doze here and there, but restorative sleep ...

The average person who hears the words "luxury vacation", they think "expensive" and far beyond their comprehension of part taking in a luxurious vacation experience.

The false belief that Luxury Travel is only for the rich has become a term of the past. Luxury travel is not about money. There are various tiers of luxury that relates to value of service, location and amenities. There are so many destinations and resort villas that have luxury accommodations at rates that are so much more affordable than one would think.

This day in age, the term 'Luxury' is related to significance. It is not all about the money anymore because there are so many luxury travel options that are affordable. Luxury vacations presents the feel and excitement of world class villas, hotels and resorts. For example, the Luxury hot spots through the Caribbean have so much to offer that can award you with all the luxury amenities and amazing villas right at your fingertips.

When you hear about all these exotic places the "Stars" go to like ...

Throughout the ages, the human race has looked for ways to express their individuality, to decorate themselves, stand out and illustrate their status amongst their peers.

One of the most enduring ways is the use of jewellery. From the bone and precious stone creations of our ancient ancestors to the modern, sophisticated designs of today, jewellery has and will remain one of man's luxury necessities which can help define an age and a culture.

Silver and gold are two of the most commonly used metals found in jewellery throughout the ages. As well as jewellery, silver has also been used through human history to make weapons and coinage and mixed with gold to make white gold. Silver bowls have been found from as far back as 5th century BC whilst large amounts of Roman silver and gold jewellery and coinage have been found after it was buried during the violent last days of the empire.

The largest Roman treasure trove however was buried not intentionally to try and secure it, but by the volcanic eruption ...

For those familiar with Eames DSW Chairs and DSR chairs, one will know how popular these chairs are in business and home applications across the world.

These chairs are typically made up of layers of plywood and fine leather moulded into an ergonomic and attractive design. They are well-renowned for being comfortable and sleek. By looking back at their history, one can clearly see how the chairs came to be part of the current furniture trends and a staple in interior design. It seems in recent years, this classic piece of furniture is making a revival.

How Eames DSW and DSR Chairs Came to Be The predecessor of the DSW and DSR Chair was developed in 1956 at the furniture store of Hermann Miller. Originally dubbed the Eames Lounge Chair, it was named for the two main designers of the chair - Ray and Charles Eames. Both of the brothers envisioned a chair which could not only support the body in an ergonomic manner, but also one that the user could sit in comfortably and at ease ...

Did you know that Americans waste half a TRILLION dollars every year?

And that's just what economists can measure! The true figure is probably much higher than that. These days, though, we don't have the luxury of flushing our money down the toilet. So, what are you wasting money on? And, more importantly, how can you stop? 1. Wasted food - $165 billion each year. Before you order in a pizza or head to the drive-thru window, take a look in your fridge. Odds are you've got food you've already paid for that'll make for a great meal!

Think everything in your fridge looks boring? Head to the world wide web and search for some ways to jazz up the ingredients you've got. A few creative new recipes could save you hundreds of dollars every month! 2. Wasted energy - $146 billion each year. You thought your electric bill seemed high, but yikes! Luckily, cutting back on your ...

Look at any sports team worth following and they all have one thing in common: Coaches.

There are a lot of similarities between running a business and running a team. Like an effective coach in sports, an effective business coach can help business owners put the strategies, systems, and processes in place that will grant them more time, more energy and financial freedom.

Finding a good Business Coach, however, is imperative to your company's success. It does require a little time and effort, and yes, patience both with one's self and the process. It's time to become proactive about your success. Here are some key things to address when looking for a Business Coach:

  1. Self Analysis: As the business owner, it's time to take a close look at your strengths and weaknesses. While we don't like to admit we're weak in some areas, some business owners are equally as reluctant to identify their strengths! Make a list. Figure out what ...

If you're reading this article, there's a good chance that you've (at some point) attempted to find your financial Freedom Formula through internet marketing (IM).

And if you haven't already, then you are most likely thinking about it. Many people (myself included) have been seduced and distracted by what's known as 'the shiny object syndrome'. In our fervor to make online marketing work for us, we fall victim to all of the latest software downloads and training programs.

The problem is - we keep going round and round like a rat on a treadmill ... and then we get frustrated and disappointed when we find ourselves still far from our goals. Is it that these programs don't work? Or is it that we give up and go on to the next 'shiny object' too soon? How do you know when you've found your financial Freedom Formula?

There's no doubt that there are enough IM training programs and methods out there to make our heads swim. Some are good programs ... some - not so ...

Is a new or used car your best choice when buying a car?

Should you buy a new car or a used car, and what is the difference? This first answer is to purchase what you feel best for yourself, since many people would never buy a used car on principle, and others feel the same way about used cars. However, if you have an open mind on the matter then the question of new or used car can be discussed rationally. If you are unsure whether you should buy a new car or a used car, here are some factors that you may want to take into consideration.

Benefits of Buying a New Car a) There is little more satisfactory than having a gleaming brand new car delivered to your home. You are that vehicle's first owner - and the neighbors cannot miss it! b) You will have next to nothing to pay for maintenance for the initial few thousand miles. You ...

Locate a patch of trees and expect to find water underneath as well.

Just like plants, man can survive for many weeks without solid food as long as he has water to drink. Traditionally water is considered the source of all life. What magical powers water possess? Immerse yourself in water and relieve the ills of the flesh. Known as hydrotherapy, this has been one of the most effective forms of medicine since the ancient times. Submersion in water allows tired tissues to relax and recover stamina. A warm bath stimulates circulation, luring blood to the body's extremities to soothe, calm, and sedate.

On the other hand, cold water inhibits the circulation to the skin, redirecting blood to the vital organs in order to restore, energize, and build resistance to diseases. Bathing in a warm tub relaxes tense muscles, turning the mind inward and instilling that sense of peace as stress drifts away.

A spas bath is an extraordinary treatment when mineral-rich ...

By definition, a luxury brand is an outstanding brand, justifiably priced highly and destined, at least primarily, to a select group of the social-economic elite. Luxury is not about unattainability though. After all, you cannot profit from consumers that cannot buy your brand. However, luxury is about the consumer outstretching herself a bit to buy something extraordinary but rather expensive for her financial ability. When you are used to driving a BMW 760 (price tag: over 85,000 Euros), it is no longer a luxury for you, although you might be pleasantly aware that it is for many. Alternatively, paying 115,000 Euros for a Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT Automatic - will probably be more of luxury to you.

Before entering a deeper discussion of luxury I think it will be good to acknowledge two basic facts:

Luxury is relative. One man's luxury is often another's (usually richer) everyday lifestyle.

The standard of luxury is mutable. Today's luxury is often tomorrow's commonly expected standard. Luxury brands are under a constant pressure from non-luxury brands trying to offer a similar value for less, thus eroding the status of luxury. Much has been said lately about the changing nature of luxury these days. While some of the proclaimed changes are no more than the result of historical myopia, certain developments are worth noting. There are now more layers of luxury than ever before to match new levels of affluence. More billionaires, more multi-millionaires, more millionaires, more super affluents (annual income over $150K), affluents (annual income over $100K), and near affluents (annual income over $75K). A Toyota Camry ...

I've been writing quite a bit lately about the importance for specialty retailers to carefully plan and manage their cash and look to renew and reinvigorate their customer experiences.

I've not written as much about the necessity of adjusting retail assortments to respond to the consumer's reluctance to spend as they once did, particularly at the high-end. In the last week, however, two prominent national retailers have outlined very different approaches to retail assortments and pricing in the current recession, which highlights the choices facing many specialty retailers.

On the company's conference call after releasing their 3rd quarter financial results, Burt Tansky, CEO of Neiman Marcus, said the company was going to begin layering less expensive goods into their assortments in response to lagging sales of luxury goods.

NM joins other high-end retailers, including Saks, Barney's and Pottery Barn, in adjusting their assortments toward more value-oriented price points in response to current conditions.

On the other hand, Mike Jeffries, chairman and CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch said during his company's annual meeting that A&F ...

Prada: Not cutting it.


Despite a soaring global economy, Prada, Gucci, and LVMH all seem to be stumbling, with revenues flat or in decline. Stagnation in the business of luxury goods is a surprise: Both the US and Europe are experiencing decent economic growth. China's economy is still growing at 7% a year.

When times are good, people ought to be splashing out on high-priced handbags and premium labels. But they're not.

Prada, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton , and Gucci are hurting.

Prada is suffering the most.

This week, the Italian luxury fashion house reported the following for the year ending January 31 :

A 28% plunge in profits .

A 1% fall in revenue to £2.6 billion ($3.8 billion) for 2014.

Missed analysts' estimates of £343 million for net income with £330 million. That was down from £460 million the previous year.

We already knew its results would be bad ...

Without careful planning, inventory can easily get out of whack, resulting in heavy markdowns due to overstocks and ultimately, serious cash flow problems.

I recently worked with a client who was concerned about excessive markdowns. Over the past several years, he had watched his markdown percentage steadily climb, his already slim profit margins erode and cash flow become a recurring problem. It did not take long to diagnose that his markdowns, the heavy inventory levels they represented, and resulting cash flow issues, were the result of mistakes made months earlier, when preseason planning was being done.

In fact, as our discussion continued, it became clear that there was really very little preseason planning being done at all. There was some financial budgeting taking place, but the detailed plans of what to buy, how much to buy, when to buy and when to have it in his stores didn't exist. His buyers were, in fact, doing little more than buying to the prior years sales, shipping most of it into the stores early ...

PopBliss hosts luxury group pop-up weddings.

Flickr / Azchael

What if your dream, Instagram-worthy wedding came to life without the months (or years) of planning? It may sound nearly impossible, but thanks to PopBliss , a luxury group pop-up wedding planning brand presented by R. Kristi Modern Hospitality, the road to "I do" is now virtually stress-free. This March, PopBliss will give 10 couples the ultimate trip down the aisle at a secret location in New York City during a two-day group-wedding extravaganza. Brides and grooms-to-be just show up in their desired outfits, and the rest-like music, catering and décor-is taken care of. "Who wants to spend 12 or 14 months planning a wedding these days?" asked PopBliss founder and wedding expert Racquel Kristi. "We take information from our selected couples and use that to inspire what we create as the celebration. It's all about the experience rather than the stress of the day." Here's the ...